At Aura Métier we offer Shamanic-Tibetan Energy healing, Shirodhara Ayurveda, Chakra rebalancing, Reiki and Vibrational Sound healing. We use individual healing methods or a unique combination of techniques for full relaxation while receiving subtle healing. This is achieved through our variety of techniques to restore energetic balance and well being.

All of our treatment sessions begin with a consultation between guest and practitioner to discuss any concerns you may have. During this time any mental, emotional or physical issues will be considered to give you the best personalized treatment.

Many people feel an inner release, a sense of lightness and a deep feeling of peace and tranquility. Every individual is different, while many may feel something more significant; others may feel very little or nothing at all. It's important to know that healing is a process and any holistic healing modality at Aura Métier continues to be effective several days after an initial treatment.

All of our treatment sessions are usually 60-90 minutes long.

NO, we will NEVER diagnose and we DO NOT recommend and will NOT advise anyone to do so. Please be aware our practitioners WILL NOT alter or stop any medications prescribed by your physicians. If your choosing to do so, You should always consult your doctor or healthcare provider and it will be at the discretion between you and your current medical doctor. However all of our healing modalities work best in conjunction with any ongoing medical care.  

Scheduling an appointment is simple. You can do so on the website by clicking on Book today or Book a session. You will be directed to a scheduling system. Select your desired treatment, date and time. An email confirmation will be sent with your appointment details. 

You can do so online using the same application used to schedule an appointment. 

A session that needs to be changed/modified should be done up to 24 hours before a scheduled appointment. This grants an opportunity for someone else to schedule a treatment session. Please be advised for same day availability; no appointments will be scheduled 4 hours prior to a desired time. Please schedule in advance to ensure the best allocated time. 

If you are arriving late to your scheduled treatment session; please be advised your session will end at the scheduled end time and you will be responsible for the full treatment fee. Please schedule appointment accordingly and plan to be on time. 

All Missed/No Show appointments are considered broken appointments and will be charged the full treatment fee

Everyone is different and some may need more sessions than others. It's primarily up to you. Anytime is a good time. However don't wait until your body is starting feeling out of its element. Schedule an appointment at the first signs of any depression, stress, discomforts in the body, mental fatigue or simple to detox, relax and renew the body into a space of self healing. All of our holistic treatments are long term wellness for mind, body, and spirit equally. 


Valid only on Sun-Mon-Tues
Cannot be combined with any other offer
Excludes Workshops

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