Do you want to learn how to practice meditation?

Learn to meditate in our intimate and sacred space. A private one to one lesson with the intention to empower a beginner to learn the fundamental principles of practicing meditation.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn mindfulness meditation; our easy to follow instruction will help guide you every step of the way. Our theory and practical approach makes it easy to follow, understand and retain the meditation practice.

Meditation is beneficial to our holistic health; as meditation helps diminish or reduce stress, hbp, fatigue and frustration while resetting and regulating your feelings. Other key factors in meditation take place with continued daily practice such as self awareness, self discovery, and purpose. Meditation also allows healing to take place from a sub conscious level. We’ll guide you to experience meditation from a place of inner calmness, and compassion while in a comfortable setting.

Aura Métier has all the essentials to immerse yourself completely and deepen your meditation practice. Ask us how to help create your own personal and sacred space for your meditation journey.

60 min session / $78

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