Be re-awakened and discover your true inner self. Embark on a journey of spiritual exploration, transformation, balance and renewal.

Experience a unique 90 min of Shamanic-Tibetan healing. Breath in and immerse yourself to an inner journey past the boundaries of your mind and body.

Explore the benefits of energy healing as you enter into our sacred healing room, filled with aromatherapy and sweet sage. Drift away into the tranquil sounds, where our guest find comfort and relax in lush and luxurious linens. An unforgettable day to focus on yourself for deep relaxation and spiritual growth.

90 min session / $225

3 sessions / $600

Do you have the following ?

Deep wound imprints
Negative Energy
Destructive patterns
Self limiting thoughts
Suppressed feelings

Grief and loss
Chronic pain
Recurrent sickness
Pre / Post surgery
Physical trauma
Stagnant energy
Spiritual connection loss

Benefits of Shamanic-Tibetan Healing

Divine Experience
Deep relaxation
Promotes quick recovery
Reverse negative effects
Release addictions
Clearing of negative toxins
Improve physical conditions from chronic pain
Re-awaken the bodies healing abilities
Purify the aura

Mental clarity
Emotional clearing
Enhances self re-alliance
Creates more awareness
Improve self-esteem
Increase positive energy flow
Deep spiritual growth

Our signature healing method has been used and recognized since ancient times. The origins are Tibetan and Native American inspired. We deeply honor our connection to Mother Earth and acknowledge spiritual traditions and all religions.

The artisan helps to purify the aura by releasing toxins, stagnant and negative energy within the body. Accessing the source and imprints of old wounds, mental burdens and physical discomforts of disease. Unbalanced conditions include back pain, ailments, depression, anxiety and stress. The artisan emphasizes on the approach of Eastern healing medicine, to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

At Aura Métier you'll be surrounded by natural healing energies that create a spiritual awakening and connects you to limitless healing from within. We encourage our guest to live in the present moment to create a conscious and balanced mind. At the core of your being lies your true inner nature. Be re-awakened and discover your true inner self. Embark on a journey of spiritual exploration, transformation, balance and renewal.


Awaken your spiritual essence

Aura Metier - Shirodhara


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