Holistic Health Counseling

Embody your confidence and self-worth to create positive change that brings new purpose to your life

Are you ready for change?
Have you loss your sense of direction?
Are you exhausted, emotionally depleted, grieving or at a crossroads and need guidance.

Our holistic health counselor can guide you from a transition of change and help you overcome obstacles to find a deeper sense of personal empowerment to face life’s challenges.

As the world is going through a significant change in environmental elements, health factors, economic crisis, family issues and a disruption to our daily lives due to circumstances. Don’t stand still at a turning point. We’re at a pivotal time in our lives and these changes may have taken a toll on your mental and physical health. Learn fundamental strategies to cope, manage and navigate through hardships, burdens, self-limiting beliefs, grief, relationships conflicts, negative thought patterns, old habits and behaviors.

As an integrated holistic practice we focus on the mind, body and spirit as a whole to help you discover a greater understanding of yourself, your strengths and your short and long term goals. Begin cultivating self awareness, compassion, acceptance, gratitude and embrace fully nurturing yourself mentally and physically. We’ll coach and introduce steps to build motivation, confidence, core values, purpose, empowerment and perseverance. Get back on track and improve all aspects of your life. Set new goals, stay organized with what matters most and work through them effectively with a positive outlook.

Our comprehensive and personal approach will help define your needs and Identify areas where you can shift your energy and be more productive and proactive. Counseling sessions are on a one to one setting in a non-judgmental environment with an unbiased perspective. Embody your confidence and self-worth to create positive change that brings new purpose to your life.

60 min session / $100

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