Ahbyanga + Dosha Balancing Facial

A whole body healing system

An Ayurvedic treatment to regenerate from deep within.

Ahbyanga + Dosha Balancing facial is a holistic way to reset the body from the change of seasons. A beneficial and restorative treatment to revive the mind and body back from mental stressors, chronic fatigue and depletion.

Ahbyanga is a gentle form of bodywork conveying of light rhythmical strokes which focuses on areas of stress to stimulate energy flow, detoxify the body and replenish lost skin moisture.

Our warm soothing oils are organic and selected based on the individuals doshic balance to provide healing to the mind and body for complete nourishment. An essential treatment for relaxation and renewal.

Once Ahbyanga bodywork has ended, a customized dosha balancing facial begins. A warm and volcanic mask activates the subtle release of stress and tension from the face making way for a chemical free herbal mask. The application of our signature mask diminishes all traces of fatigue while balancing and hydrating dull skin. Our plant based serum uplifts and restores for healthy and radiant skin. An Ayurvedic treatment to regenerate from deep within.

75 min session / $200

3 sessions / $525

Do you have the following ?

Facial Paralysis

Heaviness in the body
Dull skin
Slow Recovery
Lifestyle change

Benefits of Ahbyanga + Balancing Doshic Facial

Increases circulation
Stimulates the lymphatic system
Assist in detoxification
Improvement of most somatic disorders
Boosts the immune system

Reduces stress
Replenishes skin
Mental tranquility

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