Shirodhara + Abhyanga

A calming treatment for the mind and body alike.

Shirodhara + Abhyanga is a true pioneered treatment. Rendering excellent rejuvenation by subduing the degeneration process and merging the wellness connection of the mind and body together.

A restorative and beneficial treatment for neurological disorders. Shirodhara along with Abhyanga is a preventive treatment that focuses on preventing imbalances and illnesses stemming from emotional or physical manifestations. Abhyanga addresses deep seated imbalances within the body as Shirodhara addresses the entire body along the central nervous system. The treatment unfolds with ahbyanga and it’s long strokes and moderate pressure to optimize the lymphatic system followed by an abdominal treatment to detoxify stagnant impurities and fluid retention in the abdominal area. Shirodhara ensues with a flow of warm oils from a copper vessel allowing the medicinal oil to flow gently on the forehead in a rhythmic manner. The flow of warm medicated oil invigorates the vital points on the head and restores the flow of vital energy to the body imparting deep relaxation and effectively detoxifying the body. A true pioneered treatment to render excellent rejuvenation by subduing the degeneration process and merging the connection of the mind and body wellness.

75 min session / $200

3 sessions / $525

Do you have the following ?

Chronic fatigue
Mental depletion
Physical depletion

High blood pressure
Poor digestion
Recurrent Illnesses

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Eliminates toxins
Boosts Immunity
Cleanses the lymphatic system
Strengthens bodily tissues
Deep relaxation
Reduction of stress hormones
Improves sleep
Lowers blood pressure

Lubrication of bones and joints
Increases energy
Promotes circulation in the brain
Reduces anxiety
Helps with depression
Relief of chronic fatigue
Improve circulatory disorder
Promotes hair growth
Improves flexibility

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