Unplug…Be still for a moment and just breath. Be conscious of what’s happening in your life at the current moment.

Balance is one of life’s challenges. Some people have created and integrated the right balance into their structured life. However others are still trying to figure it out. Learn how to balance your life with positive activities that fulfill and make you complete again. Enhance your self understanding and find the balance of self discovery. It’s vital to our health that we exhaust every outlet to enrich our lives. To form that connection we have sought after for so long. It’s important to feel the love but also mirror that same love onto our bodies first. To nourish our bodies with nutrient rich foods. To meditate often and gain mental clarity. To connect through our belief system and higher power. Even in the midst of how hard life can be and how many obstacles get in the way. It is crucial that we prioritize certain aspects in our lives and put fourth a solid foundation.

At some point in our lives we all search for the same thing; Balance. How can we function on a day to day basis without proper balance. How can we set a few things aside that just aren’t that important. Think about yourself first, then think about how to come to a decision on how to balance your life in the order of what is most important to you. What is first, secondary, and what can actually wait. At the same time nurture yourself and also create balance by surrounding yourself with people who can also bring balance into your life like family and friends. Spending quality time to build positive and productive relationships.

However, if we internalize balance we generally speak of ourselves alone. What are we feeling emotionally. Do we feel we sluggish more often than not. Has every waking day felt like a chore to get out of bed. As the day progresses it feels heavy and exactly like the prior one. We think of our current situation and it’s always on our conscious mind. It’s a rotating thought that never ends. Emotionally were feeling drained and disconnected. Our bodies are out of harmony and we lack balance. Did you a miss message? Is the world actually sending you a signal. What to do when you feel time is of an essence.

Unplug…Be still for a moment and just breath. Think about how to make things easier for yourself. Take a moment and actually feel what’s happening Internally. Be still and breath, feel the connection, internalize it, become one with it and and set a clear path and direction. It’s all about choices and you have options. However where do you go for inspiration ? Where are those outlets to help guide us in a different direction when we may have lost our way. What can we do to nurture ourselves, our well being and let’s not forget a little self improvement. Let’s bring it back to the basics when it was all about you. How to find and create the right balance for everything that folds into your life.

There are so many ways to approach this but first you must gain an understanding of who you are. Take advantage of every little bit of time you have available and be present in the moment. Make today all about you. Go for a walk outside and with every step mentally release what no longer serves you and holds no purpose in your life. Inhale positive energy and light, exhale all the negative and heaviness. Take hold of every positive thought you had during your walk and make it part of your reality. Find inspiration at a local workshop on how to empower yourself. Positive energy creates positive behaviors and a better version of yourself is an influential version for everyone around you.

Try a little meditation to help calm the mind and clear your thoughts. Do as little or as much as you like. Look further into different ways to harmonize yourself back into balance. For instance, read about the Philosophies of Tibetan Medicine. It’s a traditional healing system. How being aware is just as important to leading a better and healthier life. It teaches us compassion and how to understand the world outside of ourselves. Learn about your Ayurvedic constitution and take a step towards long term health. Introduce an element of Energy healing to assist and help you live a life in balance.

In time you’ll develop new interest and the ability and ambition to motivate yourself and move past the limitations that existed prior. Pay attention, be forgiving to yourself because after all we aren’t perfect but most importantly always be kind to yourself. There’s no better time than the present moment. Unplug…Be still for a moment and breath….Balance!

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