Energy Medicine

What is Alternative Medicine ? How does it work ?Why is Holistic Healing a choice for many people and why has it gain so much popularity in the last few years ?

A Holistic way of being is in terms of living a healthy, balanced and meaningful life. A lifestyle that puts forward your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual connection on a fundamental level. However, holistic healing is different. It represents the various forms of healing modalities that exist today. There are many branches under Holistic healing alone. The practice of Eastern Medicine is an ancient form of healing; with some being over 5000 years old. The healing method itself yields extraordinary results over time, even more so when used in conjunction with Western Medicine, it’s complementary healing leads to be astounding.

We tend to be our biggest critic when we take notice of how we feel, our health and wellbeing. Most of the time it has everything to with our lifestyle and how we feel emotionally. We have days when we feel totally off and there are days when we feel something isn’t quite right. We are smart enough to understand and process that information. We know we need to take care of ourselves. Yet we still tend to make the process slow moving. Somedays you may feel stressed, fatigued and anxiety may creep in. Or your feeling every single ache and pain from within. Perhaps you are in recovery from pre or post surgery. The real truth is, we are in dire need of relief. It’s important to listen to what your body is feeling and telling you. After all, we simple can’t live a proactive life on short term results. We need to change that very thought and think of it as a priority to overall wellness. This is were holistic healing can help. It’s a way to continue or add to your health maintenance the natural way.

Holistic practitioners are like modern day therapist. Everything is strictly confidential. They carefully listen to what the client is saying and feeling. Whether your seeking treatment for an area of the body or an emotional issue that is depleting you. Every treatment is different as no two clients are moving within the same energy and were all vibrating on different frequencies. Everything in life has energy and we all move within our own vibrations.

When seeking the work of a holistic practitioner. One must look at the healing modality the practitioner is working with and the ability and dedication to their own healing method. Allow me to use this analogy to explain on a different level perhaps what the work of a Shaman or Lightbody practitioner does; I see them as stereo turners or even a receiver for that matter. They tune in a positive signal, they harness it and direct it to the focus point. I would say this is a deeper form of healing. However Reiki practitioners work on a different vibration, they use life force energy. The gentle energy from reiki allows healing on every level from physical healing to inner peace. Reiki has been adapted in the West and is now being practiced on patients in hospitals throughout. Vibrational Sound healing is another healing modality. It recalibrate’s our bodies on a cellular level through vibrations and sounds emitted from the therapeutic singing bowls; which are placed on and around the body. All these healing modalities can also realign our energy centers. There are seven main energy centers or Chakras that handle the energy that we utilize to live this earthly existence. When these energy centers are operating at their full potential, your functioning at optimal levels.

These are some of the systems of holistic healing. Traditional alternative medicine consist of – Naturopathy, Energy healing, Shamanic healing, Reiki, Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Therapeutic touch massage, Qigong, Tai Chi, Sound Healing, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Yoga and Meditation. Those are just a few of the most popular branches of Eastern Medicine practiced here in the West. There is a myriad of other healing methods. Almost are these treatments are non invasive, yet it envelops the whole body for deep healing. Through gentle manipulation, the healing focuses on the area of injury or illness. It also heals our bodies imbalances and helps get rid of the toxic energy that drains you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually which creates disease. These healing techniques reignites the body’s self-healing abilities. Bringing the body back to optimal health.

We’re at a pivotal point in our lives. We know living holistically and healing holistically boosts vitality. We want to live a healthier life in a more natural way. People are vastly experiencing an awakening. These healing modalities never went away, they have always existed and are still practiced. People have been trying different healing methods and these have been proven to be effective. Take time to re-evaluate and turn inwards and reflect. It’s a small step in our conscious effort. Our bodies respond well to energy medicine and we can feel the positive shifts that are happening. It’s clear why holistic healing modalities have become ever so popular in our modern world.

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